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Please refer to Frequently Asked Qusetions below. Feel free to dorp us a query if you don’t find your answer.

List of Questions

Airgenie Broadband is 5th-Generation Fixed Wireless platform designed to deliver blazing fast access to the Internet and other applications.

Airgenie Broadband uses a combination of Fixed Wireless, High Speed Microwave and Fiber Optic Technology to deliver Broadband access to your Home or Business. A high gain antenna is placed near the roof and aimed towards a one of our towers or relay sites to deliver the access.

YES……Our broadband platform allows multiple Internet enabled devices (i.e. Computer, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, SMART TV, etc) concurrent access to the system. An internal wired or wireless router / network switch may be required to accommodate multiple devices.

There are currently no restriction to the Broadband. This is due to protocol change that time slices and shares the bandwidth better between customers ensuring a great experience no matter what the customer is downloading or uploading.

Bandwidth is the transmission capacity of an electronic communications device or system. This is often referred to as an Internet Pipe or Information Highway. More bandwidth equals a larger the pipe or more traffic lanes. Airgenie Broadband can be compared to a 10-lane super highway while some of the competitive technologies are closer to 1-lane roads with congested traffic.

Latency is how long a packet of information takes to get to and from a computer. It can be tested by “Pinging” network devices. Most people have watched a news clip where the reporter is located on another part of the world. They are having a conversation but the information is about 1-second behind. Imagine having the same type of Internet connection. The average Latency for Airgenie Broadband is 20-30 ms. Satellite based systems average 480 ms (Half a second). Don’t be fooled by claims of fast Internet Speeds. Latency is a big part of how the Internet works. Airgenie Broadband transmits the signal within 5kms of our tower sites. Cellular Networks also have a great deal of latency because of congestion, making Airgenie Broadband the best option.

Packet Loss is the failure of one or more transmitted packets to arrive at their destination.

Jitter is the variation in Latency over a period of time. Jitter can be disruptive in VoIP calls and Video Chat.

Airgenie Broadband offers the fastest and most reliable Wireless Internet Access in the area. Many factors can cause decreases in actual Internet Speeds. The subscriber’s internal router or multiple devices accessing the connection at the same time may cause slower speeds. In general you should expect 70% or more of the advertised speed. Many “speedtest” websites give false readings because of distance, internet congestion and other factors. If you are not experiencing consistent speeds, please contact our support department at: Help Desk 1800- Email:

While the packages have been designed to give unlimited broadband experience to the subscribers, few customers may use excessive amount of the data transfer, causing traffic congestion on the network. In order not to impair the experience of other users, a Fair Usage Policy is applied. This helps to give the desired Internet usage experience to all users, especially since broadband is a shared bandwidth experience and the over-usage of a group of customers must not affect the rest of the users.

Each package has been defined with a significantly large and extremely generous data transfer level, so that most typical users will never cross these levels of data consumption. In a situation, where a user has utilized and consumed the Fair Usage Data Limit in a particular month, the speed of this user will be reduced to the Speed-Breaker speed for the remainder of the month. The Speed Breaker Speed for different packages has been designed to ensure a good usage and download experience at reasonable speeds for the remainder of the month.

You can change your password online through Airgenie Login page and Self Care portal or contact Airgenie Helpdesk on 1800 20 94276, the executive will assist you to set up your new password.

The CPE is outdoor equipment which will be installed outside your premises. It is usually installed on terrace or in balcony from where the connectivity to the Access Point is good to provide reliable service.

An ‘Always On’ Connection means that you are always connected to the internet. You just have to enter your Username and Password to gain access to the Internet. You don’t need to dial any phone number.

Broadband allows you to complete your task of downloading or uploading large-sized files or multimedia content web pages much faster than a dial-up internet connection, thereby saving your valuable time, and giving you a superior internet experience.

Airgenie Secured Wireless Broadband is a secured service as compared to other self installed Wi-Fi services for the following:
It complies with Department of Telecom (DOT) directives on home wireless security (no. 820-1/2008 DS Pt II dated 23-02-2009) and is enabled with highest level WPA2 Enterprise security with AEC encryption technology (128 bit key versus 40 bit key used in earlier standards) for data transmission and 802.1x authentication. This ensures a secure connection

You will be charged only on the basis of upload/download of data and not for the time for which you are connected to the internet. However, we recommend you to log out when you do not want to use internet as activities such as streaming, flash, auto updates, virus on your PC etc. can result in unintended data usage.